Apple Juice & Cider



   Apple Juices & Ciders
are Pressed weekly to order from
a secret blend
of fresh USA grown Apples
 including:  McIntosh, Red Delicious, Crispins, and Yellow Delicious among other delicious & unique New England grown varieties

Apple Juices & Ciders are pasteurized .

Sir Real Fresh Cider  is made fresh weekly from USA Grown (New England) fresh pressed Apples and PASTEURIZED for your safety. It is now available in 2 sizes:  
64 oz (9 per case) & 16 oz (12 per case).

Please Call Sir Real World Headquarters to Order at 914-948-9342  !!


Sir Real Apple Cider & Apple Cranberry** Juices in their natural environment......
In the Produce Dept. of a Fine Grocer near you!

**Apple Cranberry is currently not available--sorry for any inconvenience...we love it too :(