has been committed
to using its resources
in supporting ALL NATURAL Foods,
ORGANIC Agriculture and
ORGANIC Production Methods
since its inception in 1993.

A veteran of the NATURAL & SPECIALTY FOODS industries,
Company Founder and Artist Michael Albert created the
Sir Real brand and the "Eye-Cons" (the characters)  with
the idea that they were to become the Modern Popular Representatives
of the ENTIRE ORGANIC MOVEMENT! That they use their labels &
marketing materials & shelf space to spread the good word about
why it is important to think about how one s money can be used to
buy the best tasting highest quality food there is available...and to
help to make good, organically produced products available through
its distribution of the Sir Real brand and bring awareness of its importance
through the activities it supports.

A lofty goal perhaps, but somebody's got to do it....

"It's the THOUGHT that counts"---Sir Real

These are the top 7 reasons Sir Real believes in & supports ORGANICS
1. Taste: We know for a fact that foods grown organically the old fashioned
way without the use of chemicals & other unhealthy farming & unnatural
food production practices TASTES BETTER, which is the single best
reason to eat something.
"He who has not tasted does not know."  Jalalu d-DinRumi. Masnavi
2. Food Safety Certified Organic Products are produced according to a generally stricter set of rules than regular conventional practices. We at Sir Real feel that this can only be a good idea to have to adhere to a more stricter set of criteria and for this reason have our products manufactured in HACCP facilities.
3. Environmental Concerns We believe that the less chemicals used in the production of our food the better. If they didn't have to use it 100 years ago to grow food & they are only using it now to get "more with less" from the land (or animal) with the earth and its inhabitants suffering all the long term results,
it s probably not a good idea.  Come on, man!! It s just COMMON SENSE!!!

4. Fieldworker Health Again, here the less amounts of harmful chemicals employed in the production of our food the less the farm workers are exposed to these toxic agents.
5. A R T I S I N A L I T Y For us, Organics is the idea of producing products in smaller batches as opposed to in massive production runs. Sir Real is not only produced in a truly modern ARTISINAL state of the art manner that is enough to satisfy the true food connoisseur but is also literally the artistic creation of its founder, pop artist
Michael Albert. Now that's surreal!
6. A good business idea!! In the interest of making a living....supporting things that are good for the world & becoming more & more popular as more people become aware & educated about them seems to us a good business move! And people like to know their hard earned dollars are going towards trying to do some good in the world in addition to simply buying a high quality product. Only time will tell...Let us work together to help make this a reality! 
And finally, because, here at Sir Real, we believe that
 7.  It s cool (and smart) to use your brain & to  think about what you eat & drink. To think about things like where your purchasing dollar is going & to be a thoughtful caring responsible being who considers others & the earth itself in their everyday decision-making process.

is proud
 to sponsor
Arts & Educational Programs
 that INSPIRE people
to make
eating choices.
E-mail us about your event
and how we may potentially help.......

Thank you.